About Us

AMDG Worldwide was set up in 2008 by founding partner Tim Morris.

What sets us apart from other consultancies are our mission, vision and values. We are also unique in the way that we work with our clients:

  • we work on strategy and then we make sure that the objectives you’ve agreed are actually delivered, instead of leaving a document to gather dust
  • we “think with” our partners to help you discover your better way
  • we help to identify the preferred way forward, giving clients a clear roadmap, not just a list of potentially unachievable goals
  • we do not create dependency, but leave our clients stronger, fitter and self-sufficient


Our mission is to enable, encourage and support philanthropy to be the best it can be.


Our vision is that philanthropic investments of time and money are used effectively in order to improve the lot of the disadvantaged and marginalised.


It is important in business, as in life, to know who you are and what you believe in.

We value:

  • confidentiality and discretion
  • honesty and integrity
  • delivering results and taking the tough decisions
  • laughter
  • energy
  • a shared commitment to the cause, which is each client’s goals
  • partnership
  • professionalism

We value the upside of free-market forces and enlightened self-interest.

We love the bottom of the pyramid, the marginalised and the disadvantaged; we love “lost causes”.

Our beliefs

  • We believe that “charity” should not mean creating dependency, on either side. We do not support the idea that charity should be patronising. We seek a hand-up, not a hand–out.
  • We believe in a not-for-profit sector that is as professional as any commercial one.
  • We believe that “less is more” where possible, including less government and social support and more self-help. Development solutions should be sustainable and ‘sustainable’ implies not continuing to require subsidy.
  • Integrity is important to us. We aim to have no distance between what you see and who we really are.
  • We are independent. We do not arrive with a preferred software solution or methodology and fit the organisational aim to the solution, but will assess the issues thoroughly and then work with you to find the best fit.
  • We believe in the dignity of each human being in a respectful relationship of equals.

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