Areas of work

AMDG Worldwide has a broad range of experience in different organisations, in the UK and abroad. We can work with you on a range of:


AMDG works with corporates and organisations in many fields, including:

  • health
  • education
  • people-centred national charitable work, including disability, mental health and homelessness
  • church and faith-based work
  • social enterprise.


We work with clients on:

  • global development
  • economic empowerment and “bottom of the pyramid solutions”
  • SME capacity building
  • microfinance
  • programme development and project management
  • back office efficiency
  • corporate partnerships
  • micro and macro solutions
  • corporate social responsibility and engagement.

Organisational challenges

AMDG can help you with:

  • strategic partnering and planning
  • merger and acquisition, collaboration and partnership services
  • business planning and operations
  • restructuring
  • strategy
  • impact reporting and analysis.

We can also work with you on:

  • staffing
  • process integration
  • marketing and customer relations
  • branding
  • IT management
  • management information systems and reporting
  • finance and accounting
  • back office integration.

Global markets

  • East Africa
  • Southern Africa
  • North America
  • India and South East Asia
  • UK and Europe

Make change happen

If you identify issues with staff, management or finances, or you need help with change in your organisation, AMDG can support you. We will work with you on strategy and focus, and we will stay with you to make sure that change really happens, providing you with lasting business solutions.

Read about how we make change happen, taking new concepts and a clear strategy right through to measurable organisational change.


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