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What we do

AMDG Worldwide has a proven track record in change management, and especially the interaction between people, finances and systems.

We work with two client groups:

  • charities needing to operate more efficiently and effectively, and to maintain the psychological contract with their supporters by making sure that donations are used well.
  • corporates wanting to improve or develop their corporate social responsibility, and show that doing the right thing can also add shareholder value.

We make change happen

We help each organisation to be clearer about its goals, its purpose, why it exists and how it can best support its client group. But we don’t stop there. We can help you to achieve the changes you need, whether that’s repositioning your organisation, implementing new processes and methodologies, or handling cultural change. And we will work with you to measure the impact of those changes.

What does success look like to AMDG? We help make organisations stronger, fitter and healthier, thereby allowing them to support their beneficiaries and stakeholders. And we invariably part as friends.

Read about how we make change happen, taking new concepts and a clear strategy right through to measurable organisational change.

Corporate social responsibility

We believe that, done well, corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities are good for shareholders of organisations of all shapes and sizes.

An integrated CSR programme can add value across a number of areas, including staff recruitment and retention and risk reduction:

  • The best people look at the CSR records of companies as one way of discerning between potential employers.
  • Employees stay longer with firms that demonstrably care about their impact on their own community.
  • Employer-supported events galvanising employees to support a charity can pay for themselves rapidly as teams gel and problems are resolved by getting people together with shared, positive aims in different settings.
  • Customers and partners can interact at charitable functions as an attractive alternative to corporate entertaining.
  • We can assess the quality of a society in terms of how it looks after its weakest members, so good CSR reminds us that we are all human.
  • Good CSR can pay for itself in terms of risk mitigation, be this around reputation, or other areas of trading and operations.

How AMDG can improve your CSR

AMDG has seen CSR activities that work and others that don’t. We understand that good community involvement comes through enlightened self-interest. We can help you to think through what this looks like in theory and determine what needs to be done in practice.

Areas of Work

We work with charities, other not-for-profit organisations and corporates across a range of disciplines, organisational challenges and global locations.

For example, we can help you to review and improve the efficiency of your back office processes. The results will be significant, measurable and tangible, making you more effective and resulting in clear savings or improved services for same money.

Find out more about our areas of work to see if we can help you.


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