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When we can help

AMDG Worldwide can help charities and corporates to operate more efficiently and effectively across a broad range of disciplines, particularly when the solution seems hard to find.

Problems and challenges

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

  • Our staff seem to be working too hard for little return.
  • We often focus on what we’re doing and the hours we spend doing it, rather than the results we’re achieving.
  • Our directors, staff and management seem frustrated, but we can’t pin down why.

Or do you hear things like:

  • “It shouldn’t have to be this way.”
  • “The cause seems to gets lost in paperwork.”
  • “This isn’t what I signed up for.”
  • “Internal processes seem to hamper getting the job done.”

Or is it just that the numbers aren’t what you expect.

If your organisation is experiencing any of these issues, you should talk to us about how we can help.

When we say “no”

We expect to understand and believe in the goals of our clients. And we want the enhancements we deliver to be for a worthy cause.

So, as with any organisation that knows its strengths and sticks to its values, AMDG will not accept certain opportunities. For example:

  • We don’t do ‘politics’ very well. If the leadership of an organisation is not committed to the consequences of change, then the desire for change is not real, but just empty words. We’re not the correct partner for such an organisation.
  • We don’t work in areas where the cultural fit isn’t right. For example, we don’t condone organisations which don’t treasure the sanctity of life from cradle to grave or don’t value the dignity of each and every human being.

Why you should talk to us

Success is always built on teamwork, but teams need building and managing. In some organisations this may require a culture change.

Symptoms and issues such as these can affect any organisation:

  • poor staff morale
  • higher than expected staff turnover
  • general mumblings and mutterings, which are easy to miss but vital to monitor
  • high performers working without the right framework of instruction or support
  • staff having to work at the wrong level - ‘deskilling’
  • tacit acceptance of average performance.

We can help you to tackle the root causes of these issues, so that your organisation is always performing to its full potential.

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