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We make change happen

At AMDG Worldwide we think with our clients, working in partnership with you as a team and staying until the job is done. But we don’t create dependency. Instead we:

  • empower those doing the job
  • enable change
  • encourage
  • edify
  • enhance
  • exit

We will leave your organisation fitter, stronger, leaner, more efficient, more effective and more professional than it was before.

From strategy to real change

Concept and strategy
We work alongside Boards and senior staff in all aspects of strategy. We can take a “big idea” and help clarify the initial concept. Or we can develop, refine and critique a strategy to sharpen the focus.

Many charitable organisations are strong on values, concept and vision, but can be weaker in translating these aims into a business plan and executing that plan. Sometimes this is simply due to inertia towards change.

This is where we can support you. We understand how to reposition an organisation, implement new processes and methodologies, and handle cultural change. So, with appropriate sensitivity, we can help:

  • identify which “lever to press”
  • initiate change
  • support the organisation to self-sufficiency.

Capacity building and exit
We don’t want your organisation to become dependent on us. Instead, we want to provide lasting business solutions so that you can manage just fine without us. So, throughout the process, we make sure that the right people are appropriately skilled and equipped to fulfil your organisation’s mission better than before.

Measuring impact
The philanthropic sector needs to measure what it does. Ironically, many organisations that promote the need for greater transparency in others fail themselves to provide sufficient data to outside investors.

‘Impact measurement’ is essential. We try to establish a ‘social rate of return on investment’ which will have financial, social and environmental elements. Although it is not possible to measure the value of everything, we believe we should try to empirically support the interventions we make.

Areas of work

We work with charities, other not-for-profit organisations and corporates across a range of disciplines, organisational challenges and global locations.

For example, we can help you to review and improve the efficiency of your back office processes. The results will be significant, measurable and tangible, making you more effective and resulting in clear savings or improved services for same money.

Find out more about our areas of work to see if we can help you.


AMDG left behind a team stronger and more confident and feeling like they could cope. They really made a difference



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